21st Century Investment Bank

Our Professional Services

For Investors, the Company offers a portfolio of highly vetted private offerings. Selected are companies with potentially high returns at moderate risk levels. For client companies, Frederick & Company provides a full range of capabilities designed for one purpose to generate widespread interest and acquire capital from large populations of prospective investors.

Frederick & Company, Inc. provides client companies a single source to structure, develop, market, and promote a private securities offering. Frederick & Company, Inc., has defined and developed Investment Banking services that specifically serve the needs of small to medium-sized private firms and small-cap public companies.

The Company specializes in the following SEC registrations; Reg D 506(c), Reg A+, and Reg CF.  Each represents the changes in the securities law enacted by the JOBS Act of 2012 which allow public solicitation.  This represents the first major change in our securities law in over 75 years.

Today traditional “capital sources” have been augmented by over 125 million individuals.   The majority of Investment Banks are not prepared to serve small to medium-sized companies and help them efficiently access capital from this new class of investors.   Unlike the traditional Investment Banking model that works with a limited number of institutional capital sources, Frederick & Company, Inc. believes a “New Investor” acquisition process has to be developed that takes full advantage of the current securities regulations.