21st Century Investment Bank

Raising Capital

The primary mission of Frederick & Company is to provide a comprehensive set of support services from a single source. Raising capital for any company can be a consuming task often taking senior management away from their primary, day to day responsibilities.

Your Frederick & Company, Inc. Investment Banker acts as your project manager ensuring each task is completed and oversee the entire placement process. This could range from setting up online web conferences, configuring the contact management system, supervising investor verifications, to doing SEC and state filings.

One of the primary objectives is to build awareness and interest in the client’s investment.  There are over 125 million individuals that own stocks, all prospective investors.  To get their attention is a challenge. One marketing vehicle is not sufficient to attract the interest required to complete a placement.

The belief that all that is required is to post a deal on even the busiest of investment websites is now being termed as the “Field of Dreams” approach (post it and they will come) to investment marketing. It may work in the movies but not selling securities. The key is to use multiple pro-active campaigns.

All our programs use a variety of marketing methods. This could range from extensive email campaigns to Facebook and Linkedin ads to live streaming webinars.

Although the JOBS Act of 2012 offers dramatic changes in the securities regulation that make it easier to access capital from individual investors, it is NOT the magic pill. To raise money for private securities from the public is neither easy or free. We counsel prospective clients that to use a Reg D 506(c), Reg A+, Reg CF  takes time and money. Compared to a registered public offering it is a quantum less expensive and time-consuming.

The following is a partial list of tasks that Frederick & Company, Inc. performs in order to successfully complete a private securities placement.

  1. Private Placement Memorandum, creation, review, updating, etc.
  2. Business Plan, review and update
  3. Pitch Deck, creation, review, update.
  4. Videos (3)
  5. eBook (2)
  6. Webinars, semi-monthly, preparation and presentation: Live Streaming events broadcast simultaneously on YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitter.
  7. Landing Pages (3 variations)
  8. Email Campaign Content (5 variations)
  9. Ads, creation, and placement
  10. Public Relations (3 releases)
  11. Article Development and Placement (3 pieces)
  12. Custom “Deal Room” with online transaction capabilities
  13. Investment Marketing CRM system configured to support a “high touch” workflow from the first contact to close. (unlimited users)
  14. Marketing administrative services; data acquisition, appointment setting, document distribution and tracking, closing support.
  15. SEC and State filing services.
  16. Independent Investor Verification and Suitability
  17. Escrow setup and maintenance
  18. Self-Directed IRA and 401k assistance