Thank you for your interest in opening an account with Frederick & Company, Inc. and considering an investment in IX Power Clean Water, Inc.

Characteristic of the IX Power Clean Water, Inc. investment:

  • The Company is a privately held company.
  • Currently there is no secondary market or exchange for the Company’s securities.
  • The investor has to anticipate the minimum of a three to five year period prior to realizing any liquidity or return on investment.
  • The nature of this investment should be  considered to represent a significant risk and speculative in nature.  In the event the Company does not succeed the investor has to be prepared to lose their invested capital.
  • Therefore it is recommended that prospective investors commit  less than 25% of their overall net worth to this specific investment due to the high risk nature of this type of security.


Please complete the following online forms.  First start by indicating whether you have reviewed the PPM.  Clicking Submit will present the next required form to be completed.  At any time you can select a form from the menu.

The Funding Process

Frederick & Company, Inc. has teamed with Provident Trust Group to expand an investor’s options in acquiring alternative assets providing three options.  One, direct investment in the issuing company, two, invest from an existing self directed IRA custodial account that allows holdings in private securities or three) use the services of Provident Trust Group, to facilitate the roll over from your existing custodial account.  If it is necessary to do a roll-over from an existing custodial account anticipate 5-7 days to complete your investment.  Direct investments in the issuing company may close as soon as 3-4 days.  The process to complete your investment transaction is as follows:  

  • Complete and sign the online documents presented on Frederick & Company’s Investment Platform.  If you prefer, you can elect to download and print the documents either returning them via email, fax, or Fedex.
  • Once we have reviewed your information we will contact you by email immediately to set a phone appointment to discuss with you which funding option best fits your requirements.
  • If you require to roll-over from an existing custodial account we will assist you at that time in setting up your Provident Trust Group account.
  • After your account is established you will receive a call from the Provident Support Team that will guide you with the process to fund your account.   Clients that elect non-custodial cash accounts can use online wire transfers, or either personal or certified checks to complete the transaction.ww