21st Century Investment Bank


Building on 58 years of experience as an SEC/FINRA registered Broker/Dealer that has been dedicated to creating wealth for individual investors, Frederick & Company, Inc. drew out the blueprint for a 21st Century Investment Bank, post JOBS Act 2012.

Frederick & Company, Inc. determined a hybrid and evolving approach was necessary to successfully complete capital raises for private offerings utilizing public solicitation.  “Hybrid” means to combine some “old” with some “new” techniques.

The “new” means a multifaceted digital inbound and outbound marketing program to build awareness and interest for a specific offering addressed to a potential market upwards of 125 million individuals.

“Old” means once there is a significant indication of interest, an SEC/FINRA registered rep works with the prospective investor to complete the transaction.

The expanded Frederick & Company team possesses a rare combination of the technical, tactical and strategic experience needed to build the infrastructure and channels necessary.

For the individual investors Frederick & Company, Inc. determined two core services are required, Access and Education.  The JOBS Act provided a revision of SEC regulations facilitating the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises to build awareness and interest for private debt and equity offerings.