21st Century Investment Bank


Paul Frederick 1925 - 2017

Kansas City native Paul Frederick returned from World War II and like millions of his fellow veterans used the GI Bill to obtain a degree in Business Administration from the University of Missouri.   In 1957 Paul joined Milwaukee based Loewi Incorporated as a stockbroker.  By 1960 Paul knew he had a future in the Industry but not working for someone else and founded Frederick & Company, Inc.

Over the next decades Paul built one of the leading independent full-service brokerage firms in Wisconsin.  As early as 1975 he predicted that individuals investors would be able to buy and sells stocks online dramatically changing the way traditional brokage firms did business.  At that point, Paul started to reposition the firm by expanding the Company’s Venture Capital and Investment Banking departments.

Paul’s DNA was that of a true entrepreneur.   The Company focused on providing capital for small and emerging growth companies.    Starting in 1980 with his son Lon leading the way the Company focused on capital raises from $300,000 to $6 million.   By the mid-1990s the Company had invested in 11 firms with its own funds and raised capital for another 17.   During this period in recognition of Paul’s driving entrepreneurial vision, he was honored with the distinguished Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Spirit Award.

In 1994 Paul’s son Lon succeeded him as President of Frederick & Company, Inc.  Paul remained active in the business well into the 21st century.  In 2000 the Company decided to focus solely on its private placement business.   Going forward Frederick & Company, Inc. brings to each engagement the credibility and in-depth experience gained over 57 years of bringing together thousands of investors with hundreds of companies.